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Ripper Casino

Venture into the mysterious labyrinth of the online gaming world, and there, at its enigmatic heart, you'll stumble upon Ripper Casino. Should you heed the call of the wild and embark on this gamble, our comprehensive review will light your way, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed leap... or a tactical retreat?

Casino Review

Ripper Casino, with its sunburnt hues of excitement, emerged in 2021 as the freshest spot tailored primarily for the Aussies, but welcoming to wanderers from all world corners. Picture a digital Uluru, where instead of ancient Aboriginal tales, you’re regaled with over 300 games. Predominantly, it's the video slots - or 'pokies', the endearing Australian nickname - that dominate this landscape. However, like finding an oasis in the Outback, you'll also encounter a handful of virtual table games, offering a change in pace.

Pros & Cons 

The magnetic pull of Ripper doesn't stop at games. From the now-elusive free sign-up bonus to staggering deals that await as you journey further, the rewards are designed to leave an impression.



Crypto-friendly environmentAmbiguity surrounding ownership and licensing
Generous bonuses in the Welcome PackageLimited game library and absence of a live casino experience
The golden ticket: Free sign-up bonus 

Despite its allure, it's vital for players to tread with caution. While casino sparkles with promise, the shadows cast by its unknown ownership and licensing raise questions, reminding every gamer to play responsibly and be well-informed.

Main Features

In the symphony of online casinos, casino's main features play the exhilarating crescendo. Picture it as the coral reef of the digital gaming ocean. Diverse, vibrant, and pulsating with life, where every game is a unique fish darting amidst the currents of bonuses and promotions. This casino isn't just about numbers and visuals; it's an ecosystem, a complex dance of features that intertwine to create a singular, immersive experience. Every spin, every bet, is a dive deeper into this underwater paradise, with treasures and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

How to login?

Embarking on the login journey is like unlocking a door to a secret chamber full of treasures and thrills. But before you set foot in this dazzling domain, you need the right key – the login process. Fear not, dear adventurer, for the path to entry is illuminated clearly, ensuring you can step into the light swiftly and safely. Let's weave our way through this essential ritual:

  1. Start at the Portal: Venture to homepage. Think of it as the grand entrance to an ancient temple, awaiting your arrival.
  2. Seek the Signpost: Your eyes will naturally dance towards the top-right corner. There, you'll find the 'Login' button, glowing like a beacon.
  3. Channel Your Essence: Upon clicking, a window emerges, urging you to enter your credentials - your username (or email) and password. These are the sacred runes, the chant that summons the magic of Ripper Casino.
  4. Embrace the Journey: Once your credentials are in harmony with the universe, click on the ‘Login’ button beneath. Feel the rush, like the first gust of wind when setting sail on an epic voyage.
  5. Lost in the Labyrinth?: If the winds of memory fail you and your password slips from mind, don't despair. A 'Forgot Password' link, much like a guiding star, is there to steer you back on course.

Now, with the doors flung wide open, step forth into the world of Ripper Casino. Delve deep, explore, and let the games begin!

How to make first deposit?

Venturing into the enchanting groves of Ripper Bonus Casino, one's journey truly begins when you sow the seeds of your initial deposit. Like a gardener preparing the soil for a season of bloom, taking this step will determine the bounties you reap. Allow me to be your guide, helping you cultivate your gaming garden with care and precision:

  1. Enter the Sanctuary: Once within the hallowed walls of Ripper Casino, after logging in, let your gaze wander to the top right. Here, like a blossoming flower, the 'Deposit' button emerges.
  2. Choose Your Potion: A list of payment methods will unfurl before you, much like a scroll of ancient alchemical recipes. From credit cards to e-wallets, select the elixir that resonates with your heart.
  3. Determine the Measure: In the box that materializes, decide upon the amount you wish to deposit. Think of this as determining the size of the plot in your verdant oasis.
  4. Bestow Your Blessings: Depending on the chosen method, you may be asked to fill in certain details. Picture it as whispering secrets to the soil, ensuring the safety of your seeds.
  5. Casting the Spell: With a deep breath, click the ‘Confirm’ button. Feel the gentle rain of magic as your funds start to take root, ready to sprout into thrilling gaming experiences.
  6. Await the First Shoots: A confirmation message, akin to the first green shoot breaking the soil, will grace your screen, affirming your seeds are securely planted.

Now, with the seeds of fortune sown, all you must do is nurture your play, watching in wonder as your Ripper garden thrives and flourishes, teeming with promise and potential.

Casino Games

Step into the opulent chambers of Ripper Casino Australia and be prepared to be mesmerized. While not a sprawling palace of endless corridors and vast halls, think of Ripper as an exclusive art gallery. Here, each game is a masterpiece, handpicked and showcased with intent and precision. With a range that may seem succinct, the depth of each offering promises an exhilarating experience, akin to a connoisseur's sip of the finest wine.


Casino's slots section reminds one of a night sky - each slot a star, shimmering with tales and treasures. Although their collection isn't as expansive as some celestial counterparts, the chosen constellations ensure a voyage of discovery and delight. Be prepared to travel to realms of myth with games like 'Asgard', find fortunes in the depths with 'Big Bass Bonanza', or ascend to the divine with 'Gates of Olympus'. For those yearning for nostalgia, classic slots like 'Sweet Bonanza' and 'Burning Classics 777' evoke memories of simpler times. The 'Megaways' series, boasting titles like 'Big Bad Wolf' and 'Eastern Emeralds', adds another layer of excitement, while the competitive souls can aim for the stars in slot-based tournaments.

Table Games

Table games offer a cerebral duel, a dance of wits, and a test of strategies. While they don’t possess a distinct corner of the site, the offerings are no less grand. Envision sitting at opulent tables, with velvet and mahogany, as you indulge in games that have graced casinos for centuries: 'Blackjack', 'Roulette', and 'Video Poker'. Whether you're drawn to the spin of 'European Roulette', the tactical depth of 'Oasis Poker', or the classic charm of 'Jacks or Better', every game is a story waiting to unfold.

Jackpot Games

It's a hushed auditorium in Ripper's gallery, an empty stage where live casino games are noticeably absent. For those longing for the heartbeat and pulse of real-time gaming, this void is palpable. But fear not, the world is vast, and live casino experiences await elsewhere. Perhaps a dalliance at Tonybet Casino or a rendezvous at Wazamba Casino? The choice, as they say, remains in the hands of the seeker.

Bonuses and Promotions

Venturing into the illustrious world of Ripper Casino is akin to entering a grand ballroom, where each chandelier gleams brighter than the last. The main attraction here? A treasure trove of bonuses and promotions, each carefully crafted to make your journey more enthralling.

Bonus Type


Welcome BonusUp to AUD7500 over 4 deposits
Free Sign-up BonusAUD$10 upon registration
Weekly Special DealsFor Neosurf, Bitcoin, and Litecoin depositors
Pokie of the Month BonusVaries monthly

As if the games weren’t enchanting enough, it adds a dash of alchemy, turning your experience into pure gold. Let's take a deeper dive into this glimmering sea of generosity.

Welcome Bonus for new Players

New explorers setting foot into Ripper Casino's realms are royally welcomed. A decadent bonus worth up to AUD7500 awaits, spread across the first four deposits. Imagine it as a four-course feast; each course more delectable than the last. To partake, however, one must recite the correct incantations (promo codes) before offering their tribute (deposit). With each increasing deposit, the bounty rises, from a 150% match on your first to a lavish 225% on your fourth.

Free Spins Bonus

A sprinkle of magic awaits every newcomer. As soon as you step in and recite the special code, an immediate gift of AUD$10 is bestowed upon you. But remember, with great gifts come intriguing challenges. To unlock its full potential, one must wager this bonus 60 times. Overcome this quest, and up to AUD$80 could be yours to claim.

No Deposit Bonus

It’s legendary generosity doesn't end with the welcome mat. Even without an offering, the casino occasionally showers blessings upon its patrons. From the whispers of old-timers, bonuses materialize out of thin air, specifically crafted for loyal adventurers. These include special deals for those who harness the power of Neosurf, Bitcoin, or Litecoin and bounties for those who favor the Pokie of the Month. While the winds of fortune are ever-changing, one thing remains constant: Ripper's commitment to enchant, engage, and enthral.

Mobile App

Delving into the realm of Ripper Casino via a mobile device is akin to opening a Pandora’s Box of entertainment. The casino’s minimalist design, reminiscent of a masterfully carved crystal, ensures that the essence of the casino translates seamlessly onto smaller screens. This streamlined design philosophy not only makes for a visually stunning mobile experience but ensures swift, smooth gameplay devoid of clutter.

The absence of a dedicated mobile app is hardly felt, for the digital tapestry Ripper Casino weaves is one that seamlessly drapes over both iOS and Android landscapes. It’s a testament to the age-old saying: you don’t always need wings to fly. Sometimes, all it takes is a well-optimized website and the spirit of a gamer ready to embark on pocket-sized adventures. With Ripper Casino's mobile experience, the thrill is always just a swipe away.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

At the heart of every thrilling casino journey lies the inevitable intersection of excitement and practicality — the methods with which you fund your adventures and retrieve your spoils. Ripper Casino, like a masterful treasurer, provides an array of gateways that bridge the thrilling world of gaming to your tangible assets. Whether you're a traditionalist reaching for plastic cards or a futurist dabbling in cryptocurrencies, casino ensures your financial path is as seamless as their games.

Their bouquet of deposit options ranges from the tried-and-true stalwarts like Visa and Mastercard to modern sages like Bitcoin and Litecoin. And with deposit minimums as low as $10 for methods like Neosurf, entering Ripper’s riveting realm is as easy as flipping a coin. But always remember, as with any treasure hunt, the exit is as essential as the entrance. While the steps to withdraw your treasure might seem elaborate, it's merely a testament to the castle's dedication to keeping the dragons at bay.

Banking Methods

Venturing into the depths of casino's treasury, one can't help but marvel at the array of banking options available. Like a map that charts a course through a diverse landscape, here's a guide to ensure your voyage is unhampered:



Bank TransferTraditional, reliable.
BitcoinModern currency for the digital adventurer.
Bitcoin CashA variant of Bitcoin, swift and effective.
CashtoCodeA bridge between cash and digital realms.
ecopayZA digital wallet for the modern player.
eZeeWalletAnother digital purse to keep your coins.
FlexepinA card-based solution, easy and accessible.
InteracPopular and efficient, especially for our Canadian players.
LitecoinA lighter version of Bitcoin, but equally powerful.
MasterCardOld-school plastic, but gold in reliability.
NeosurfA card that’s easy on the pocket for entry-level adventurers.
paysafecardA card that ensures your financial details remain just that, a secret.
VisaThe old guard of plastic money, universally accepted.

Navigating the world of deposits and withdrawals  is like plotting a course through a treasure map. While the pathways are numerous and sometimes winding, the destination — a seamless gaming experience — is well worth the journey. Remember, the journey through the fiscal seas of Ripper is not just about the destination but also the adventure of choosing your course. So, chart your course, set your sails, and dive deep into the immersive world of Ripper Casino Online.

Customer Support Services

In the vast universe of online gaming, where Ripper Online Casino stands as an electrifying beacon of thrilling experiences, there's a quieter star that shines just as bright: their customer support. Imagine setting sail on a tumultuous sea and seeking a lighthouse; this is precisely the role the Ripper Casino's support team embodies. With their email assistance serving as a steady beacon, and their limited-time live chat as the spontaneous flare that cuts through the mist, help is always at hand.Much like an artist leaving some mysteries to the audience, their FAQ section, albeit concise, touches upon the most fundamental questions, urging players to dive deeper and seek answers.


  • Can Ripper Casino games be playable on mobile phones?

    Yes, dive into the thrill anytime, anywhere, with mobile compatibility.

  • Can I create several accounts?

    In the universe of Ripper Casino, one star is enough to shine. One account per player ensures fairness.

  • Is Ripper Casino secure?

    Absolutely. We're not just about fun, but fortresses. Our security is as tight as a sealed vault.

  • Can I withdraw the bonus money?

    Every gift comes with its story. While some are treasures to keep, others have paths to follow. Please refer to our bonus terms for detailed information.